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◍ v 1.5 myPhotos

myPhotos is photo organizing made fun and easy.
myPhotos is the tool for organizing and viewing large collections of photos and images for all with a need for an application without database.
myPhotos enables you to directly organize, catalogue, search, import and back up all your photos without breaking your Finder folder order or generating inaccessible databases with thousands of copies, thumbnails scattered all over your hard-drive.
All of this is done in a self-explanatory, user-friendly, sophisticated and most of all - speedy way.
myPhotos supports OpenMeta Tags, IPTC Keywords and EXIF Comments; thus, you will never again lose or misplace another photo.
myPhotos is highly customizable to fit your individual needs and if needed - you can directly edit a photo with the built-in image editor.
If you want, you can even navigate myPhotos by keyboard and browse your photos in fullscreen view…

Featured MacBook geu_ver_3.5_myphotos.app [7143 kbytes]

Version Mojave pDscz_myPhotos_ver_1.9.tar.gz [5701 kbytes]

New 10.11.6 vers.1.6.myPhotos.Qlq2.pkg [6619 kbytes]

MOApp Software Manufactory
Official site: http://createlivelove.com/applications/applications.html

El Captan ovA_Switchies_For_Mail_vers_1.2.1.pkg (6887 kbytes) 1.3.1

New on High Sierra jH6.iSpeak.Translator.vers.3.1.app (348364 kbytes) 1.2

Mojave KOMET_VERS.0.9_8JPLXC.ZIP (419 kbytes) 2.6

Updated on MacBook Pro MgADR3.v.1.4.8.Actio.app (31832 kbytes) 1.6.4

YFLEC 1.7 MYPHOTOS 2.5 on Sierra

Update hSqj version 1.8 myPhotos 3.5 for Sierra

Get w4gk ver 1.7 myPhotos 3.5 OS X
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