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Main category / Games
Sub category / Card and Board
Developer / 2KB LLC
Filesize / 14234
Title / Backgammon Masters Online
version 1.7.26 Backgammon Masters Online

BOOM Factor Software My third choice would be DailyGammon. With DailyGammon, instead of playing one live match all the way through at once, you play just a move at a time in many different matches. You make your move whenever is convenient for you during the day (or week) and your opponent makes their move whenever they get online next. So matches can drag on for weeks, but that's why people play dozens of matches at once. One of the nice things about it is that you don't have to commit to playing a whole match at once, you can just play a few moves in a few minutes if that's all you have time for. Another nice thing is that its all browser-based, so there is no special software to download. StoneLoops! of Jurassica Java backgammon: Easy to use game plug-in - Java backgammon is a unique way of playing backgammon without downloading software. Try online backgammon via Java and experience the difference today. - Do battle on 80 levels of the Iron Mountain ● Online game

MacBook Air | 11956 kbytes |

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New for High Sierra | 15515 kbytes |

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10.12.5 SmartMemoryCleaner-ver-3.2.1-5imWzu.dmg 2.3.1
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