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◊ hZw.AstroImager.v.3.10.pkg

FITS Preview Fire Capture has a MAC OS version but even carefully following the instructions I could not get the software to install on my computer. iINDI is a mobile control panel for the remote INDI servers for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. It offers the same functionality as jINDI Device Manager or KStars Control panel for indiserver and INDI drivers or wINDI and ASCOM drivers. The only limitation is, that it doesn't support BLOB transfer. If your hardware is supported by the built-in drivers, you can go ahead. Otherwise you may need to install INDIGO Server too. Read more » INDI Library for KStars is only available for Linux, BSD, and OSX. Astrometry for is the open source and free native port of with embedded web service server and simple graphical user interface. View details »

to OS X https://macpkg.icu/?id=53601&kw=PIXFM_v_3.11_AstroImager.pkg

Recomended 10.11.6 https://macpkg.icu/?id=53601&kw=wOO_AstroImager_vers_3.4.app

Updated El Captan https://macpkg.icu/?id=53601&kw=1SOgy-vers.3.14-AstroImager.app

Software key

Posted 06 May 2016 - 04:30 PM
Select your hard drive from the left column in Disk Utility.
From: Marcos Contant - 2006-07-29 03:51:26
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Posted 02 May 2018 - 03:15 PM
Replied by polakovic on topic Mac/Cloudmakers Set up instructions?
Remote Observatory
End of 8 September 2010 update

[33255 kb] Update ASTROIMAGER VERS.3.13 AZTJ8 3.5 New MacOS

[32170 kb] Crack 118 AstroImager vers 3.4 3.6 Updated! version

[37592 kb] Crack Bn0 v 3.11 AstroImager 3.7 New! version

[36508 kb] Free k4l AstroImager 3.11 5.10 New 10.13.5

[41930 kb] Update VERS.3.11 ASTROIMAGER SXJC 3.6 Spanish version

10.13 VERS.4.3.3-LITTLE-SNITCH-TGTHP5.PKG | 36765 KB | 4.0.1

Version 10.13 KFSLsy.Clover.Configurator.vers. | 5619 KB |

Languages Chinese English v.4.6.5.SEAiq.suM.pkg | 27037 KB | 4.5.7
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