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v 2.0.0 RAIDaid

RAIDaid is a visual tool that helps you plan the optimum RAID configuration for your XServeRAID system.
It has an easy to use interface that allows you to view disk arrays in all popular RAID formats. You can now plan your RAID setup and configuration even if you don't have a RAID!
RAIDaid now allows you to create reports and customize them for your clients, making RAIDaid an ideal tool for all systems architects and sales professionals.
- Quickly determine the best configuration for your RAID system
- Mix and match different RAID levels to suit your needs
- Save time - know the right configuration before you start formatting your RAID
- Easy to use interface
- All popular RAID levels including 0, 1, 3, 5, and hybrid RAID levels
- Incorporates Hot Spare and JBOD
- Calculates RAID capacity automatically
- User definable disk capacities, and format overheads
- Displays Efficiency, Tolerance and Loss Before Failure values
- Examines best and worst case scenarios for redundancy and availability
- Can be used for any RAID system using 7+7 controller configuration

Best! version 18XXh.RAIDaid.ver.2.0.1.dmg

on High Sierra MD2I_RAIDAID_VERSION_2.0.4.ZIP

Recomended! version 0nvmtu-v.3.0.0-raidaid.tar.gz

OS X 6a8d_vers.2.0.2_RAIDaid.app

New on OS X 0OvQw_RAIDaid_2.2.0.pkg

10.13.4 Zyy-vers-2.1.0-RAIDaid.app

Vee Eye Software Py Ltd

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Version to MacBook Pro ATAA4.4D.V11.SQL.VERS.11.12.TAR.GZ {209438 kb} 13.9

New! version LUX5P_CONTOUR_MOUSE_V_3.0.10.DMG {2252 kb} 3.0.8

| 4792 KB | Get ver. 4.0.0 RAIDaid AZ6Xf 2.1.0 Updated for iMac

| 4952 KB | Free 2.2.0 RAIDAID ADKL 2.0.3 Updated to MacOS
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